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Smite Steal started in 2016 as my own personal hobby, and it still is actually largely just a personal hobby. I enjoy writing, and I am zealous and opinionated about League of Legends and the entire League of Legends community, and so I decided to start a new and opinions blog in order to enjoy myself.

My name is Aaron, and my IGN in League is JarvanIVPrez. I live an extremely fortunate life in a great house that I recently bought with my beautiful wife, Jamie, and my puppies, named Harvey and Talia. I work a full-time job as an I.T. Infrastructure Specialist for a private university, and I spend my free time either working out at the gym or in my home, spending time with my family and friends, or playing entirely too many video games, primarily League of Legends.

I’ve enjoyed writing for most of my life, and I decided to do something with that interest and start up a hobby of writing about my favorite video game right here on Smite Steal with the help of my team.

For all business inquiries, please email smitestealesports@gmail.com

Thank you!

“Smite Steal”  and the “Smite Steal” logo are legal property of sole proprietor Aaron T. M. (JarvanIVPrez).