Cloud 9 declined their invitation to IEM

Cloud 9 will not be attending the IEM Katowice tournament in Poland according to the IEM website.

C9 has made this decision in order to focus on their performance in the NA LCS, and IEM has stated that their replacement team will be announced on Twitter and Facebook in the coming days.

“Although we would have loved to see them live, we understand their reasons and wish them the best of luck in the NA LCS,” says the official announcement.

For those that don’t know, Cloud 9 has been absolutely dominating the NA LCS track so far. They remain undefeated going into week four, and they look like they’re playing at a totally different level than the rest of their North American competition.

A lot of this is due in part to their rookie jungler, Contractz, who has been busy turning heads by performing as possibly the best jungler in the NA league so far. It’s not surprising that C9 would step down from their spot at IEM to continue to stay on top of their competition.

Another contributing factor sited in the announcement is the uncertainty for visas. Sixty percent of Cloud 9’s teammates are foreign players.

Photo via Riot Games.


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