The match we’ve all been waiting for: Cloud9 vs. FlyQuest

The match that might also be called “Old Cloud 9 vs. New Cloud 9” is finally happening this weekend in the NA LCS, and we’ve been waiting for it since the start of this season.

FlyQuest joined the League this year after dominating the Challenger scene last year as Cloud 9’s own Challenger team. When they arrived at the LCS level, they went through a rebranding and quickly made a name for themselves in the professional community. This didn’t come as a shock to many, as most of the team is composed of LCS veterans. Specifically, most of the team is composed of Cloud 9 veterans.

Hai the mid laner, Lemonnation the support, and Balls the top laner were all once Cloud 9 royalty. They had been on Cloud 9 from almost the beginning, and their legacy of family among teammates and undeniable talent stuck with Cloud 9 after they all chose to depart.

Cloud 9, however, still has one player from the original team left. Sneaky is ranked as one of the best – maybe THE best – marksmen in the League, and still sits on the Cloud 9 starting roster. Sneaky and Lemonnation were once a closely-knit duo that dominated their lane for years, and this Sunday, we’ll see them face off against one another for the first time ever in the LCS. Not only that, but Hai will face off against his replacement, Jensen, and Balls will go head-to-head with his own replacement, Impact.

Both teams are full of grade-A individuals both in character and talent, so the game should turn out to be fantastic. What’s more- Cloud 9 and FlyQuest are ranked number 1 and number 2 respectively in the standings for the Spring Split. Can the old mates of Cloud 9 on FlyQuest bring today’s Cloud 9 their first loss?

Personally, I don’t think Cloud 9 will lose. As much as I’d like to see FlyQuest do well this season, Cloud 9 looks to be on an entirely different level of play compared to the other NA teams. FlyQuest has had a relatively easy set of matches thus far, meanwhile Cloud 9 has squared off against top tier talent and remains undefeated. Contractz, Cloud 9’s rookie jungler, is looking exceptional as well. FlyQuest’s jungler, Moon, has been performing very well, too, but Contractz’s aggressive play-style will likely win out in the end.

Nonetheless, it will be an amazing series to watch. Make sure you tune in on LoL Esports to catch the match this Sunday at approximately 6:00pm EST.

Photo via Riot Games


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