Riot just confirmed the next big class update and ADCs aren’t going to be happy.

I know ADCs are feeling a little targeted lately, and the most recent big news isn’t going to make them any happier. The arch nemesis to the marksman class has just been announced for a big class update. That’s right, it’s the tanks.

Riot just confirmed on Nexus, League’s editorial website, that the tanks are scheduled for a big makeover. Much like the assassin update in patch 6.22, the tank update’s goal will be to add complexity and flashy new skills to the tank class.

Not just every tank will be getting updated, though. This update will specifically target the vanguard tanks. Vanguard tanks are the tanks that charge into battle, lock down as many enemy champions as possible, and just sit in the fray dealing some kind of persistent AoE damage as the fight goes on.

Volibear is a good example. He runs in to flip someone and deals persistent damage with his attack speed buff, his ult, and a bite. Nautilus is another good one. He uses his auto attacks and Q to lock people down, he has a big ult that can knock a bunch of enemies up into the air, and he deals persistent damage with the AoE damage he gains from activating his shield.

Well, frankly, they’re overdue for an update. Why, exactly? Well, look at the abilities of Nautilus and Volibear. Charge in. CC. AoE damage. Big ultimate. Sound familiar?

What about Zac? Amumu? Sejuani? Gragas? Rammus?

They’re all pretty much the same, right? Well yeah, that’s because they are pretty much the same. The only reason certain vanguards become more popular is only because they have the highest damage or CC numbers for whatever patch the game is in, instead of some rising to the top because their unique playstyle matches the current meta. In fact, none of the vanguard tanks really have a unique playstyle.

Hopefully, the class update will solve this big issue, and hopefully we can even see it in time for the mid-season patch like the mages that were updated during last year’s mid-season update.

Unfortunately, for ADCs anyway, I don’t think the “class update” will be a “class nerf” of any kind. In fact, it may end up like the assassin update, where the goal to make the champions more rewarding and difficult succeeded, but a couple of them became terrifying (looking at you, Rengar).

One thing is certain, though. I can safely bet that Jhin mains are shaking in their boots right now at the thought of having to deal with the OP knifecat and an OP fat man throwing barrels of grog at them.

Image via Riot Games


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