Week 2 Spring NA LCS: Teams to watch

This week in the NA LCS there are three teams that you should have your eye on: Counter Logic Gaming, TSM, and FlyQuest.

1. CLG


Last week, CLG didn’t make a great first impression. They didn’t do that poorly, but with the powerhouse of a roster that they have combined with the fact that they didn’t make any roster moves during the off-season and elected to instead work on nothing but team synergy, we expected more out of them.

Aphromoo is one of the League’s best shotcallers, easily, and the team built around him this year is the same strong team they had last year. Since they had chosen not to make any roster moves during pre-season, we expected some top tier communication and synergy going into last week. After all, they didn’t have any “new player” communication barriers to hurdle like many of the other teams.

Well, they fell short, to put it gently. They won one of their matches, but even their win was a close fight, and neither of their matches were against top talent. This week, eyes are on CLG to prove themselves once again, and they face off against FlyQuest in their first match- a team led by the hardened LCS veteran, Hai, that will truly test their mettle.

2. TSM


TSM didn’t have a great time last week either and the only reason they won their second match was because Hauntzer carried them on his back. Even during that win, however, TSM did not look like their usual, confident selves. Tons of silly mistakes were made (still not as many as Echo Fox though) and their overall performances left their fans wondering what was going on.

The biggest question  was definitely, “Where’s Bjergsen?” Bjerg, who arguably (usually) performs the best out of any mid-laners in the LCS really did perform quite horribly last week. In his first match against Cloud 9, when he played Katarina, he looked worse than we’ve seen from him in awhile. In fact, I would say it was one of his bottom 5 individual performances since he’s made his LCS debut.

TSM was the favored team in North America, and they looked outmatched by both Cloud 9 and FlyQuest in week 1, so they have some ground to cover. Hopefully, they’ll be able to prove to themselves that they’re worthy contenders of being called top-tier-talent, otherwise they’ll secure themselves a place in the middle of the pack.

3. FlyQuest


Unlike the others on this list, FlyQuest looked phenomenal during week 1. So phenomenal, in fact, that many are wondering, “Was it a fluke?”

FlyQuest was ranked at the bottom of the NA LCS ladder by theScore esports and Yahoo esports, and not many people were expecting much greatness. To those people, FlyQuest is just a team made up of washed-up LCS talent like Hai, Balls, Lemonnation, and Altec. To us at Smite Steal, however, we had a feeling they would make a big statement during week 1, and they did. Hai’s veteran and unmatched shotcalling abilities led his team to two decisive victories, and now the world thinks they might even have a shot for the Spring Split finals.

As much as we hope that FlyQuest stays at the top, we’ve only seen them in action for one week, so we can’t help but think maybe it was a fluke. Maybe the other teams in the LCS needed a week to de-rust and shake off the dirt, and maybe it will look much different this week. Everyone looks to FlyQuest again this week as they need to prove to us all that they are at the top- and they’re here to stay.


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