Contractz dominates his first LCS appearance for Cloud 9

Juan ‘Contractz’ Garcia made his debut into the North American LCS over the weekend and he made a damned good first impression.

All eyes were on Contractz going into this split. He’s extremely young (he’s only 17 years old), and a lot of weight was on his shoulders for Cloud 9’s success this year. Why? Because it’s very possible that the team’s success is almost entirely up to him.

Think about it. Meteos, Jensen, Impact, Smoothie… We already knew that they’re all great. What’s more important, however, is that we already knew that they play great together. Their synergy as a team is impressive, and in the last split, the team struggled because of communication and teamwork barriers with their jungler, Rush. Because of this, their long-time friend and previous jungler, Meteos, had to come back in to close out the year in the post-season. It seemed that the only weak-link last year for Cloud 9 was their jungler, and we all wondered what might have been if they were able to communicate a bit better with him in-game.

Well, Rush is out and going into the new season of 2017, Cloud 9 had to select a new jungler yet again so Meteos could go back into retirement. Well, they picked Contractz, the young jungler with no experience in the LCS. He had a very promising career in the Challenger scene, but it would all come down to whether or not he was the right fit with Cloud 9 as a team.

The first game of the season came last weekend, and Contractz made his debut. Not only did Contractz meet expectations, he crushed them. Contractz ended up carrying his team against TSM, going 8-2 on Lee Sin. He didn’t exactly carry his team against Dignitas, but he still performed well, and the most important part of all this: He looks good with the rest of the team.

In his first series, he has already shown to be more adept at working as a team member than Rush, and because of this, he’ll definitely be able to help Cloud 9 be a contender for the split championships this year. What’s more, however, is with this fresh, new jungler (that shows a ton of talent and potential) they may even make it further into Worlds for 2017. That may be getting ahead of things, however.

One thing is for sure: Contractz looks like he’s going to be a good fit for Cloud 9, and we’re very excited to see how far they can go this year.


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