Camille Guide: Items, Masteries, Runes, Strategies

Welcome to the Doran’s Blog guide for League of Legends‘ upcoming champion, Camille. Below is the Table of Contents, so if you’d like to skip to any part of the guide, hit Ctrl+F on your keyboard (Command+F if you’re on a Mac) and type in the section from the Table of Contents.

Table of Contents

  1. Abilities
  2. Runes
  3. Masteries
  4. Skill Order
  5. Items
  6. Strategies



Camille is a fighter-class champion that will benefit most from an AD bruiser (damage+tank) item build. She boasts decent mobility to dive to the backline, an ult to single out priority targets for her team, passive shields that scale with health, and good crowd control, making her kit synergize very well with her fighter style. Being able to dive to the backline and use spells, items, and masteries to survive through the encounter are very desirable for any bruiser.

Passive: Adaptive Defenses

Clip via Riot Games – Top Secret Channel (Youtube)

Camille’s passive generates a shield when she uses an auto attack, and the type of damage that the shield blocks depends on the target she attacks, varying between physical and magic damage. The size of the shield scales with her health, and utilizing tanky items, masteries, and runes will help you get the most out of this very efficient passive.

Q: Precision Protocol

Clip via Riot Games – Top Secret Channel (Youtube)

After activation, her next basic attack will deal bonus damage and grant her movement speed. For a short period after the initial basic attack, if she casts her Q again within a short time window, she can use it once more. If she waits a specific amount of time after the first, the second attack will deal partial bonus true damage. This double basic attack reset will make her very efficient at taking down towers, as well as synergize very well with a Trinity Force for the Spellblade passive. A Ravenous or Titanic Hydra would fit in well here as well to aid in splitpushing.

W: Tactical Sweep

Clip via Riot Games – Top Secret Channel (Youtube)

After a brief delay, she slams her leg down and blasts a cone in the direction she is aiming, dealing damage. If an enemy is caught in the outer portion of the cone, bonus damage is dealt and they are slowed significantly, and Camille is healed. This skill provides sufficient waveclear, damage, and crowd control, making it a good tool for in lane, in teamfights, and when chasing or kiting.

E: Hookshot/Walldive

Clip via Riot Games – Top Secret Channel (Youtube)

On first cast, she fires a hook in the aimed direction. If it hits a wall, she is pulled to the wall and sits on it for a brief duration until she casts her W again. On second cast, she launches in the desired direction, stopping at the first champion hit and stunning all nearby enemies. If lunging towards a champion, the range is increased and she gains attack speed upon landing. This is Camille’s engage, and it requires a bit more strategy than most CC-oriented engages, but it provides a good amount of CC (especially when jumping into a group of enemies). This pairs up nicely with her passive and Courage of the Colossus to provide big shields to survive her dive into the enemy team.

R: Hextech Ultimatum

Clip via Riot Games – Top Secret Channel (Youtube)

Camille’s ultimate ability allows her to leap to a target and knock other enemies away from the target. The zone that is created makes it impossible for the target to leave, and it is only destroyed if Camille prematurely leaves or if it expires. While in the zone, Camille deals bonus basic attack damage, getting much use out of her Q and a Trinity Force.



x9 Marks of Attack Damage: Raw damage will benefit Camille as she is a highly basic attack oriented champion, and any help she can get with her damage, which is already impressive, will only help her blow up the back line faster.

x9 Seals of Armor: As it’s much easier to build against AD, you’ll likely get a good amount of armor-oriented items. Early flat armor is generally more useful than scaling armor or flat health because it negates a ton of early harass and minion damage.

x9 Glyphs of Scaling Magic Resist: Most mages don’t deal crazy damage early, so as a hybrid tank, you’ll need more resistance later in the game than early, especially because magic burst is harder to build against than AD. This gives you 27 more MR at level 18, which is a solid chunk of resistance.

x3 Quintessence of Attack Damage: Same for the Marks, the raw damage you gain from these for your basic attacks is very useful.



In the Ferocity tree, we’re going to take points that accentuate longer, more drawn-out basic attack oriented fights. This is Camille’s A-game, so taking all of these will help.

In the Resolve tree, we focus on her “bruiser” theme, and we go all the way down the Courage of the Colossus, which is really the essential mastery here. With her E, she is able to leap great distances into groups of enemies and get tons of CC. This shield, added with her passive shield, will be necessary for surviving these hardcore encounters. In row 1 and 4, we pick the resistance points over regen points only for laning. If jungling, I would recommend taking the regen points. The shield buff in row 3 is a given, as is the tenacity buff in row 5 for how often she chases targets, making it harder to kite her.

Skill Order


Stacking your E first will let you get the most out of your Courage of the Colossus. Leveling it first grants much needed CDR on it. The next stacked skill is dependent on your goals. If you are planning on getting in a lot of duels, stack your Q. If you need the W for wave clear? Stack your W. You will be taking your Q more often than the W, as I find it more useful, but you won’t break if you go W first.



The obvious choice of boots for Camille are the Boots of Swiftness. With how quickly she needs to get around to chase her targets, the boost in raw Movement Speed will come in great handy, and the reduction in slowing effects makes it harder to shake her off your trail.


The Ravenous Hydra is a great first big damage item for Camille. It combines with her double basic-attack reset on her Q to provide some seriously awesome splitpushing, and this item adds a big hunk of damage to boot. If you need to be tankier, the Titanic Hydra would also be very useful, and you’d get more out of your passive shield with more health that way as well.


Speaking of her basic attack resets, imagine what kind of damage you can do with the Spellblade passive on the Trinity Force, as well as the damage, attack speed, and movespeed gains, this item is a necessity regardless of playstyle. Camille will get a lot of benefit from this, and even though it’s a pricey item, I would always recommend buying it.


Remember that Camille is a bruiser, and she needs to tank out at some point. Dead Man’s Plate provides a significant boost to her speed with its passive, which is fantastic for her chasing, which will happen more often than not if played correctly. This will be your go-to health+armor item in the game.


Guess what? More shields! Sterak’s will work very well on Camille, as it gives her yet ANOTHER shield to add onto her passive and CoC, and the sheer size of this one will make her all-in engages much more effective. The health and damage from it are only benefits to her as well. This item can be interchanged in the build order, depending on situation, with:


This will be Camille’s go-to health+MR item. It provides a spellshield, tons of MR, and a good chunk of health and regeneration. Engages will be easier if the spellshield can make it harder for her target’s allies to stop her, and this item build is all about turning Camille into an unstoppable train of pain.


For starter’s, let’s say that Camille is going to perform best as a solo laner, primarily up in top lane. She has a kit and if built properly will do very well in both 1v1 and gank encounters. Her secondary role will be jungler, as her W and Q both provide great and fast clear, although she won’t get quite the same benefits that she’d get from laning. In the jungle, her E could be used for some very tricky and beneficial ganking.

Camille will benefit from three different scenarios, so you should prioritize moving forward into the game with these actions in mind: splitting, dueling, and chasing.

With her double reset on basic attacks, she will be a split-push monster, and with a Hydra item it will only get worse for the opposing team to deal with. If your teleport isn’t up for a big fight in bot lane, don’t be afraid to sit in your lane and apply pressure through pushing, because you can cause some serious damage.

Her dueling power is going to be hard to beat in the fighter category. She has shields that contour to the damage type of her target, a lockdown style ult that makes her deal more damage to her target, and bonus damage to basic attacks, not to mention lots of CC and even some heals. Don’t be afraid to duel with even the best of 1v1 champions when you lane, and make sure to utilize walls to gain full advantage.

The chase is her third strategy. She has gap closers, loads of CC, and high single target damage. Ramp up your movement speed with items and don’t be afraid to barrel towards carries to knock them out of fights or make picks.


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