New Champion announced: Camille, the Batman of Piltover

In an epic new comic on the League of 3-3Legends homepage, Riot Games has announced the newest member of the dwindling, dysfunctional family of champions: Camille.

I won’t spoil what happens in the comic, but I will say she looks about as badass as she possibly could. Also, the art? Oh man, Riot, you’ve outdone yourself.

To take a stab at theorycrafting, Camille looks like she’s going to be an assassin, which would be perfect, because the Assassin champions have all just been updated dramatically, and her shiny, new kit will likely fit very well in with the rest of them.

Camille’s legs are replaced from the knee down by some sort of sharp blade, and she uses these sword-legs to precisely cut down the scum of Piltover. Expect to see some awesome mobility in her champion.

She appears to be at least part cyborg, as you can tell with her mechanical-looking face and glowing eyes, and appears to also be able to fire grappling ropes from her hips and use them to swing from structures, and if that aspect gets implemented into the game, it would be a first for any LoL champion. It would also mean she would have very cool mobility tools.

Regarding her lore, we can guess into the origins of her character.

Is she more cyborg than human? If so, was she built to carry out this mission of righteous assassination throughout the streets of Piltover?

If she’s more human than machine, is it possible that she was scorned or otherwise betrayed, and that lead to a cold/ demeaning personality hellbent of cleansing the streets of corruption. Or, if she is more human than robot, is she acting under the authority of someone else, or is this all personal to her?

No matter what direction they take with her story, she looks promising to be a very fun champion to play, and the team at Doran’s Blog can confidently say that we’re very excited to play her.


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