Fury of the Dragonborn: Big Shyvana Changes hit the PBE

Among the flurry of huge updates to arrive during this Preseason, there have been some smaller scale updates to champions outside of the assassins that received their huge update last week.

A few days ago, significant changes were made to Shyvana on the PBE, signaling serious change to come to her kit in the upcoming patch.

Aside from buffs to her base stats, including armor, health growth, health regeneration, and more, her passive is completely new. She will now deal 10% more damage to dragons. This includes the Elder dragon. Not only does she deal more damage to dragons, but she also has 5 bonus armor and 5 bonus magic resist, each stacking by 5 more whenever she has a hand in killing a dragon.

This change will boost Shyvana’s ability and reliance on controlling the dragon, which is arguably the most important mid-game objective on Summoner’s Rift.

Her other abilities are undergoing serious change as well.


Burnout: W

Burnout now does not leave a scorch trail when you activate it in Dragon form, but instead merely grows in size. Auto-attacking targets under damage from Burnout now deals bonus damage per hit, rather than victims of her E (Flame Breath) causing this effect. Speaking of which…


Flame Breath: E

Shyvana’s flame breath no longer is a normal projectile that passes through enemies, and instead now explodes on the first champion hit, dealing a significant chunk of damage immediately (think Karma Q) and then leaving a scorch mark on the ground that damages every second, like a Morgana W.


Dragon’s Descent: R

Her ult now grants her more health, scaling with rank put into the skill. Also, as the skill is ranked up, the size of Shyvana’s Dragon Form also grows. The dash performed at the initiation of her ult is now uninterruptible, and displays a “Can’t be disabled” when you try to hit her with CC when she initiates it.

There have been some bugs with her new features, including that Smite is affected by her dragon-damage increase, but that’s expected with PBE features. If you have PBE access, make sure to add our journalist, Braddleborn, in game, and you might run into us while we’re testing! See you on the Rift.


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