Patch 6.22: Patch Chat

The big preseason patch is live!

In the Dev Corner of the League of Legends website, Riot’s own playtest team opened up a topic to chat with the players about the changes that have been officially introduced with the new patch.

The largest changes being introduced are the Assassin changes, so be sure to hop on over to our page that contains all the information you’ll need about the new assassins. Also, be sure to read up on the plants added into the jungle ecosystem introduced in this patch as well.


Roit Gums: 

Will shaco receive any buffs in the future even if they are atleast small? (shaco main here)

Riot Penguin:

If it does turn out that he’s as weak as some folks fear after the dust settles, we’d wanna buff him. One suggestion I saw that I thought was pretty cool was having his E deal phys damage if he has more AD than AP to give him better scaling through better pen options. If it does turn out that it’s just raw numbers he needs, that’d be even simpler.

What we really need is time for the dust to settle. Balance is gonna be pretty wild west on the first patch; it’s difficult to predict what the removal of pink wards will do for the power of stealth characters like Shaco or how much power his new tricks are worth. We can math out what his damage before and after looks like, but to get a complete power level picture we need to see him on the live servers.



Do the vision plants reveal invisibility and/or camouflage? If they do, eve might not be as broken as I thought this patch….

Riot Aesah:

Good question! Vision plants do reveal both.

Riot SoBE adds:

PSA: Eve is still revealed by the new Control wards! She has Camouflage, not Invisibility, so Control Wards will still see her just like the old pink wards could.



Bruh, what’s up with Kog’Maw? 44% win rate with a >.5% play rate after he ate 6.19 nerfs and 6.21 nerfs (ult became a terrible poke and a limp execution). When can we expect a change? Skillcap clearly has nothing to do with it seeing as I have 480 ranked games on Kog’maw but still can’t win more than 50% of my games now.

Riot SoBE:

Koggles has fallen on hard times. Sometimes you’re living the high life at 55% next thing you know you’re in the dumpster at 44%. I would imagine we’ll take a look at him sooner or later, but I don’t have an ETA for any Kog’maw changes right now.


Autumn Leafeon:

Hello…this may be a noob question if the answer is already out there, but with the new mastery that replaced SOA, does item CC (such as rylai’s) or exhaust (summoner spell) proc the shield, or is it hard stun CC?

Riot SoBE:

Courage of the Collosus only procs on hard cc’s (stuns, roots, knockups etc), not soft cc’s (slows, silences, etc).



Did you at any point during playtesting point out to the champion update team that rengar has olaf ult on a basic ability?

Riot Aesah:


Riot Penguin added:

I was really against the new Rengar’s W for a long time, but grew to feel like it wasn’t as big a deal as I expected since if he’s not empowered Qing you, you don’t take nearly as much damage. It can be frustrating when Rengar is snowballed, but it’s infinitely superior to old Rengar IMO.



do you feel like the new items have given assassins too many options (utility) compared to the more limited options of mages?

how has balancing been with invis champs now that there’s no way to reveal them at all? It feels like vayne and akali will be very oppressive now because their invis is mostly on their own terms?

Riot Penguin:

IMO this change actually makes them easier to balance in the long term, as you can sap or add power out of other parts of their kits without considering that they could be nullified by 75g.



Warwick rework when!! 😦

After the next champ, but will still be possible to release him before the end of year?

Riot Bao:

We can’t comment on when exact releases are happening… but soon TM 😦


ROX Peanut:

The small raptors seem to be quite tanky and do much dmg – Do they get nerfed a bit?

Riot Afic:

Intended. Supposed to be easier for champions with more reliable aoe to clear them and otherwise be a more difficult camp.

Riot Bao:

Yo Merxamers, I can ping in on Alistar a bit…

I would disagree that Alistar isn’t problematic… so much of old Alistar’s power was in his W -> Q combo that it made it tough for us to balance… by us removing some of the other random stuff (random push to heal and AD on his ultimate) it allows us to refine his identity a bit more and focus his strength and weaknesses around that… Alistar in a meta is either usually really powerful (was pick/ban for a long time) or he’s too weak (doesn’t bring enough to be picked into a bunch of his bad matchups).

It’s not a straight up nerf, I think it will take some getting used to at first for old Alistar players, but overall I expect this Alistar to be pretty powerful. He’s gaining an additional CC on his E (though he is losing a bit on his Q… .5 to be exact) But overall, he will gain .5 more in CC with the E stun being 1 second. I would focus less on the actual damage Alistar is doing on the individual trample marks and more-so on the stun punch he gets at 5 marks… Alistar with the new E makes him an S+ peeler (if you separate W, Q, and E… that’s a lot of ways to peel) and also makes him a great engager still (he can W -> Q, while his E is going and get an additional stun afterwards)… I think this pattern is much healthier for him from a engage/peeler standpoint…

I wouldn’t be worried about the “nerf bat” hitting him that hard… I do think Kha’Zix is probably on the stronger side right now, but it’s tough because we made changes to a lot of his core items (namely the precision items) so we’ll be monitoring his power and I’m sure our live balance team will adjust accordingly… I don’t think we ever want to “gut” a champion.



What it the reasoning behind making a champ with a high skill floor and skill ceiling Eg. Katarina rework. Will this not cause a major balancing problem between majority low elo and high elo play?

Riot ThEntropist:

I think having champions with different learning curves is way better than every champion being exactly the same in terms of skill. It may introduce a few balance questions, like will that mean they are either broken for high level players or unplayable for low level players, but having to work through those is a better cost than every champion being volibear and being able to master him in 3 games.


These were the just what we deemed were the most important notes from Riot to take away from this discussion. If you’d like to read through the entire thing, you can! Just click here to check out the page.


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