Ultimate Skin: Elementalist Lux

Water… Fire… Light… Darkness…

Long ago, the four servers lived together in harmony, but then everything changed when the next Ultimate Skin was announced.

Or something along those lines.

Update: The Riot Games Facebook page has released official footage of the skin, and it is looking AWESOME. See the video at the end of the article.

Have you ever wondered why we haven’t seen an “Ultimate” skin since DJ Sona?

Well, hopefully it’s been because Riot’s been working on Elementalist Lux this whole time.

Little teasers have been popping up around the globe on Riot’s various Facebook pages, sporting a different teaser for this up-and-coming skin depending on which country you’re from. All four of the variations being displayed on the different pages come together to form Elementalist Lux, the new Ultimate Skin coming to League of Legends.

We’ve been waiting for something like this for awhile now, as we saw files for an Elementalist Lux added to the PBE over a month ago, indicating Riot’s been planning this reveal for awhile. This is the first visual we’ve seen for it, however.

Below are the teaser videos for each variation of the skin, showing features akin to the element that video is promoting as well as a side of Lux’s face in the backdrop. Check them out:

Appearing on the United States FB page:


Appearing on Brazil, Latin America, Japan, Korea’s FB pages:


Appearing on Germany, Greece, Spain, France, and Italy’s FB pages:


Appearing on Thailand, Singapore/Malaysia, Taiwan, and Vietnam’s FB pages:


Each clip appears to show the four elements of the skin: Fire, Water, Light, and Darkness respectively

The ends of the clips appear to all show corners of one linked image, shown in the following video:


Do you think that these four teasers are teasing four elements of the same skin, or do you think each region will get a different version of the same skin? Either way, this is an exciting development, and we cannot wait to see Riot’s first Ultimate Skin in a long time. Here’s hoping it’s better than Pulsefire Ezreal!

Update: As stated at the beginning of the article, here’s the official footage posted on the Riot Games FB page only a few minutes ago:


Update: Riot’s Spain FB page released a video showing how the skin will work in game:

Here’s a translation for the video above:

“Elementalist lux”

“Collect elemental power to learn an element” (“learn” is not the exact translation as it would be “dominate” but I think it fits more)

“unlock the first elemental form”

“Collect more elemental power to learn a second element”

“Combine both elements to unlock the final transformation”

from Visauu over at Reddit


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