Twitch News: Auto-Hosting

The streaming community of just received an easier way to support and grow a team of streaming partners. In the new update that the Twitch team released on September 27th, channels are now able to Auto-Host each other based on a preset list of channels that you can designate in your channel settings. The change may seem minuscule, as hosting was available before and now its simply automated, but according to a study reported by Danny Hernandez, a data scientist at Twitch, “Almost half of the streamers who used auto hosting saw 10% increases in their viewership.”

One of the bigger benefits of this new system was that it helped streamline a promotion tactic between streamers called a “host train.” A host train is when streamers would coordinate times to stream and host each other based on who would be online at that time. It would guarantee, regardless as to whether the host channel was the one streaming, that there would always be activity on all of their channels.
I personally believe that this change is somewhat of a needed quality-of-life change to the hosting process. Communities of like-minded streamers would find ways to coordinate host trains and help promote each other before, but now it is made much easier. It takes a lot less coordination and planning from all parties now since a channel can just throw all their channel partners on a list and Twitch takes care of the rest.
Be sure to check back in for any other League of Legends news, streaming news, and predictions on the big changes coming to the game this Preseason!

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