Upcoming Skins in Patch 6.22

Hey there! JarvanIVPrez here with some news regarding a long list of awesome skins coming up in the next patch. These are all in the PBE currently, so as long as everything goes according to plan, we should be seeing them in the next patch.

Victorious Maokai (Ranked Seasonal Reward):



New RPG Skins To Join Last Year’s Crew (Varus, Gragas, Ryze, Braum):

Karthus Lightbane


Jayce Brighthammer


Bard Bard


Sejuani Dawnchaser


Worldbreaker Set:

Worldbreaker Hecarim



Worldbreaker Nasus



Worldbreaker Nautilus



Worldbreaker Trundle



As someone who’s been known to buy way too many skins, I am very excited for these and I think they’re really cool.

As an adult who knows skins cost money and admits he has an addictive personality, I am scared for my bank account.

Let us know which ones you like the most in the comments below!


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