2017 Preseason: Stealth Update

In our evolving article covering the Assassin Update coming up soon in the Preseason, we briefly covered some changes to the Stealth system in League of Legends. We’ll get into the specific details.

We know quite a bit about the changes so far:

Pink Wards will no longer reveal “invisible” champions, but will still reveal what Riot is calling “camouflaged” champions. It sounds like the difference between invisibility and camouflage is that invisibility is usually short-lived and in the heat of combat, like Akali or Kha’zix, whereas camouflage is a persistent effect, like Evelynn.

What we learned recently, via an update to the PBE, is that there will be a “Shimmer” effect when hitting a stealthed champion, which applies to both invisibility and camouflage. Keep in mind, the target is not revealed, they just give off this shimmering effect for a brief moment (unless the damaging attack was one that causes things to be revealed, like Corki’s Phosphorous Bomb).

Moobeat and Aznbeat over on the Surrender@20 team captured some images to explain how the shimmer system will work:




Confirmed changes:

  • STEALTH  has been  broken up into Camouflage and Invisibility.
    • “Stealth – Camouflaged: This character is hidden from view. It is revealed by nearby enemy champions and turrets.”
      • Camouflage examples: Evelynn Passive, Twitch Q, Rengar R
    • “Stealth – Invisible: X can only be revealed by nearby enemy Turrets.”
      • Invisibility examples: Vayne R+Q, Wukong W, etc
      • Shimmer effect (See above)

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