6.21 Patch Notes Review

Welcome to the 6.21 Patch Notes Review! It will be here that we discuss the upcoming patch and how it will affect the current meta. This will be the last patch before the big Preseason Update.

nidalee_bewitchingloading_oldLet’s start off with Nidalee:

Nidalee is a Patch Notes veteran. Riot can’t really seem to get her right. It’s not their fault, however. She’s a very complex champion, and her complexity causes certain problems to arise in different metagames.

She is going to receive a nerf and a buff next patch. Her buff is that her heal will not scale from the missing health of the target, meaning it will heal for more the lower their health is. The nerf, on the other hand, is that all of her cougar attacks (Q, W, and E) will all be increased in cooldown from 5 to 6 seconds.

We think the heal buff is needed. Her flat health that she can give to an ally or herself when her AP ramps up is ludicrous come time for the late game, and she can use it to top off her targets when they get poked down by a sieging enemy team. This way, she can use it in a much more needed area and when her teammates would benefit from it most.

The nerf to her cougar abilities seems a tad extreme. She definitely needed nerfed, but a CD increase on each of her abilities in cougar form? Seems like a tad much, but either way, we’re expecting to see a drop in wins from Nidalee players during this adjustment.


Graves has been either a dominant jungler in the meta or at least a solid choice in the meta for the better part of the last year, and likewise, he’s been in the spotlight. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen him in Patch Notes over the past couple of patches, but we think 6.21’s Graves change are necessary.

The reason Graves is so good is because he puts out ADC-like damage while remaining insanely tanky due to his passive. He has been able to get tanky from his True Grit stacks quickly while remaining safe in his positioning, even while kiting, making him a very difficult carry to kill.

To fix this, Riot is making him gain less resistance per stack, but he now gains 2 stacks while dashing in, and his stack limit has been raised by double.


Ivern released in the last patch, but his win rates and even play rates were immediately laughable. Riot recognized his immense weaknesses, and dished out some much needed help to the unique tree-man and his sentinel pet, Daisy.

Ivern’s health per level, base MR, base attack speed, and attack speed per level have all been raised. He also loses less health from taking camps with his passive, and Daisy now continues to attack targets even when they cannot see her. All great improvements, and we hope to see a few more Iverns on the Rift after this patch.

Skin Archiduque Nasus.pngNasus:

Nasus’ ult is a very useful tool for his arsenal, but it has always had a weird feature for a tank to have. Up until now, popping his ultimate would grant Nasus bonus AD. Now, it will instead grant him bonus MR and Armor, making him a more viable tank. It’s not a huge Nasus change, but it’s big enough that we expect to see Nasus played a bit more regularly.


Thank. Cthulhu. Nunu really needed nerfed after his minor rework, and Riot’s dishing it out this patch. To hinder Nunu’s ability to gain very early impressive tankiness, they’ve nerfed his % total health gain to 2% from 3% per stack of Consume. We’re not sure this is enough of a nerf, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.


Zac has an odd change, that may seem insignificant at first glance, but we predict it to have a momentous change on Zac’s performance after this patch. For the last bit of his Elastic Slingshot flight, there will now be a warning indicator showing where he will land, and how much surface area he covers to get his knock-up. In a game of seconds, that little bit of time that it shows the indicator should be enough for players to make quick decisions to get out of the way.

That’s it for the important updates of the 6.21 patch! To check out the less significant changes that we left out, be sure to check out Riot’s official patch notes. Also, Doom Bots of Doom and the giant scary Teemo overlord have hit the Rift! Get out ther and play!


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