New Champion Released: Ivern, the Tree Bro

Ivern, the Green Father, was released this week into the game with his release skin- Candy King Ivern.


Ivern is a nature-lover and all around good guy who resembles a weird cross between Jack Skellington and Maokai. His kit features claiming Jungle camps without killing any monsters, creating jungle bushes wherever he pleases, and a giant golem-sentinel named Daisy.


 If you’d like to pick him up in the game, for the first bit of time after his release he will be priced at 7,800 IP, and will be dropped to the normal 6,300 IP thereafter.


If you don’t have enough IP, or you don’t know enough about him to buy, be sure to check out Riot Games’ official Champion Spotlight of Ivern, now on Youtube.


We think he brings a very fresh and original kit of spells into the Rift, and he’ll be a welcome member of the League of Legends arsenal after a brief adjustment period of players figuring out the best way to take advantage of his unique kit. I do predict he’ll have some low numbers for awhile though, as with uniqueness comes uncertainty. I would rather uniqueness and an adjustment period than a recycled spell kit, and luckily Riot has been doing a great job recently in breathing the life of originality into their champions.


 Maybe it’s just because his different mechanics make him a breath of fresh air (because he’s a plant, and science means he gives off oxygen), but I, for one, am happy to see Ivern’s release finalized. For more information on Ivern, be sure to check out his Champion Release page on the League of Legends official website.

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